The Fall of Killian Rage

Calligo Winterscale recruited the explorers to find and drive Killian Rage out from Winterscale’s Realm. He didn’t want to go himself, because he knew that if he chased Killian himself, it would only seek to draw attention to the fact that a pirate managed to set up base under his watch.

The explorers set forth to Solace Encarmine to lay waste to his facilities. Seeking information, they eventually came to the location of his base of operations. Using soldiers sent by Calligo, the explorers raided the warehouse and engaged the contingent of pirates left behind.

Both Testarosa 5143931 and Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus suffered serious gunshot woulds, but fate would see them fight another day.

In the logistics area of the base, they found coordinates of a common caravan route where Killian was staging ambushes.

Calligo granted the explorers a fleet with which to engage Killian, and ensure that he would never return.

The explorers thought to set up a trap by loading transport with melta torpedos, all of which would be detonated when a transport successfully rammed Killian’s ship.

The trap prepared, they sailed to the location noted in the reports at Killian’s facility.

They found an equally large fleet waiting. After realizing who was at the head of the fleet, Killian charged. His own traps awaited.

But they weren’t structured to cripple an attack fleet, and the minefield was forded with minimal effect on the heavily armored ships. Killian’s pilfered ships weren’t strong enough to halt the fleets advance, and to his dismay, the entire attacking fleet was armed to the teeth with torpedos.

The explorers made short work of the raiders and frigates, and when the pirate fleet was scattered, they managed to cripple Killian’s flagship. A transport successfully rammed Killian, and the pirate learned very quickly what the cargo was.

His ship in ruins, and his men dying around him, Killian gave the order to flee. His men disengaged and went to silent running while on the retreat. They were not pursued. Killian offered himself up for the safety of his men, but his assailants were ruthless and continued to attack. After many volleys of torpedos, and a second nearby explosion of a transport, Killian finally ordered evacuation of his own ship. While his men fled, Killian attempted to keep the engine from going critical.

In the end, a torpedo struck the bridge. The explosion threw the pirate across the bridge, landing poetically in his captains chair, where he died shortly thereafter of radiation exposure.

The Fall of Killian Rage

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