Solace Encarmine


Solace Encarmine is known as the premiere pleasure world in the Koronus Expanse. Established early on by people unknown, the terran planet is an attractive location for people who need to get away from the darkness and danger that the Koronus Expanse is known for.

The terran planet has a stable atmosphere of oxygen rich breathable air. The planet has a lot of oceans and many sub continents. There is still a lot of greenery, and there are many resorts that showcase famous tours of the beautiful landscapes. You can see strange majestic herbivores and colorful flying birds.

There is a strange duality here however, due to the fact that the Imperium doesn’t have much of hand out here, this planet’s larger cities are a diverse haven of thugs, pirates, and strong black market. There are several mafias and due to this most of the Merchant Lords do not have outposts here.

This pleasure world is an excellent place to acquire and sell drugs, services, and slaves. The Adeptus Arbites monitor traffic here, but there isn’t much they can do without a full company of imperial guard.

Solace Encarmine

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