Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report - 7

Hunting Grounds

After our meeting with Draco Saltdune, our navigator Demetrius Morgan was tasked with helping Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus for some unknown purpose. This left us with no choice but to find a new navigator, and fortunately we found one passed out in [INSERT BAR NAME HERE]. As he was unconcious, I carried him with Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar back to the ship, leaving him in his new quarters. After the navigator came to, we discovered his name was Samari the Navigator, and managed to convince him to join us. With a new navigator we left for the nameless world Draco told us to go to, in search of his elusive prey. Our journey was quick and uneventful, and we arrived at a planet alien to all my senses. We scanned the world, and decided to touch ground. We were left atop a canopy of bizarre trees, dense enough to walk upon and completely covering the surface from the star above. Taking some time to get our bearings, we went below the canopy and set out on the planet’s surface. The darkness below the trees was lightly illuminated by bio luminescent life, but utterly confusing in it vastness. Eventually, we found a small creature matching the description that Draco had given us, and slayed what appeared to be a juvenile of the species. This attracted many more of the creature, which we skirmished until, finally, the bellow of a massive beast echoed through the dark. We encountered the monster, massive in size, and began firing. After a brief combat, the creature relented and, in some way, appeared to give up. We worked quickly and captured the creature, taking it back aboard our ship. We then returned to Port Footfall and handed the beast over to Draco. He was impressed that we found and bested the monster, and overcome when he discovered it was still alive. With a job well done we acquired our payment, and decided to find another job.



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