Calligo Winterscale

A prosperous, powerful Rogue Trader


Calligo is strong for his middling age. He has a strong physique, roughly six feet tall with short cropped greying hair.

He is clean shaven, and it reveals the scars of many dangerous adventures. His eyes are a clear grey color and their gaze always seems to distracted.


Calligo is the scion of House Winterscale. He has inherited this dynasty from Sebastian Winterscale who inherited from his father before him. Their family has earned the esteem of many allies in the Koronus Expanse.

He is seen as a hardened man, but a fair man. A man that you can count to hold up his end of the bargain, and I man you know will hunt you down for crossing him.

The name Winterscale is almost a legend as much as a name. The dynasty is so expansive and large that many people who have worked for him for decades have never seen him. Many people who work in the outer reaches of Expanse for Winterscale still believe that Sebastian is scion.

Heirs to house Winterscale appear out of no where. The head of house runs the Dynasty and one day usually passes it along to the heir, who no one knew about. Speculation leads this to believe that children are beget in the Calixus Sector and are raised seperate from all the operations.

Calligo is a hands on leader. His philosophy for many dangerous scenarios is first in, and last out. He holds his colleagues and crew in high regard and believes in leading his fleet from the front. He would never ask his crew to do something he wouldn’t.

Therefor, there is nothing he won’t do.

Calligo Winterscale

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