Lysander "Notch" Maculloch

A curious and perhaps disturbed Explorator.


Notch was an explorator working with Adruesus Kahlmor. He was the chief mechanic and resident Adeptus Mechanicus on the Exarch Infinitum.

Notch worked with Adruesus for many years. Since his work with Captain Adruesus, Notch suffered two losses that have impacted him greatly. The first was the servo-skull he created for himself to signify the birth of his new life. It was destroyed in a firefight when the Kahlmor Clan landed for a supply run on Footfall.

The second being the Clan’s former Void Master, Jux, with whom he felt a familiarity he had never felt in anyone before. Jux was exiled to a death planet after attempting to steal the Exarch Infinitum in an act of mutiny.

Lysander "Notch" Maculloch

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