Killian Rage

A young upstart pirate, with a lust for money and power.


Killian Rage is a broad man. Large in stature and muscular in nature. Emulating what he suspects is standard pirate garb, Killian wears a long xeno-pelt cloak over his polished and engraved armour. Killian wears many trinkets from his travels.

Killian’s helmet is heavily customized. It seems alien in nature. Its painted a glossy bright red color and the visual visor possesses many useful filters to help him find his enemies even in total darkness.

He carries two pistols at his side, but he prizes his over-large great sword as his favored weapon.


Killian Rage is an old soldier who’s only known the void of space. Being pushed into several wars and usually returning with only a few of the men who followed him in. Killian decided that if was going to go to strange places where he might die he might as well be in command.

After deserting the Imperial Guard with his entire regiment (no easy feat), he went into the Koronus Expanse to disappear. He and many of his men sought out pirate guilds to join. The allure of wealth and power were too great for a group of mercenaries.

After meeting with several pirate lords, and being denied the position of “supreme commander of the guild”, he stole a ship and sought his own path in the Expanse.

Now the enemy of many pirate guilds, and none too fond of the Imperium either, Killian and his men founded Killian and Co (Kill-Co for short) and they seek to become the most successful pirate guild in the Expanse.

“He’s also a little bitch.” -Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar

During an ambush on a trader caravan, a fleet larger than expected appeared. Thinking it must mean valuable cargo, he engaged. The tide turned against him when it turned out that this was no ordinary fleet, all the ships were armed to the teeth. Torpedo salvos and veritable walls of macro-battery fire tore his fleet.

In the end, one of the very transports he seeked to raid rammed his mighty ship, and detonated an entire payload of armed torpedos. This hulked the mighty ship, and crippled it. Fearing that his fleet, and his men, might be killed on a routine raid, he ordered that they all retreat. He would serve as a hostage in exchange for his crews safety.

His assailants were not interested in taking hostages. And as he held the bridge and ship together to allow his men to escape, a torpedo struck the bridge, and the detonation threw Killian into his throne, where he died from radiation exposure.

Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar laid claim to his prized helmet.

Killian Rage

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