Jux the Red

An man who sought freedom.


Jux was the Void Master aboard the Exarch Infinitum.

He lived his life aboard and working on ships his entire life. He developed a problem with authority and position.

He was exiled to a death world after committing mutiny and attempted the theft of a registered star ship.

He survived, if only to spite his old captain. He was picked up by a passing ship that was seeking to join the fight against the orcs.

Jux served again as the senior Void Master aboard the flagship.

Suddenly, he was sought out by a distressed and battered Lysander “Notch” Maculloch aboard the Exarch Infinitum.

Jux returned Notch to familiar homeworld and assumed the name of Adruesus Kahlmor and claimed the Exarch Infinitum as his own.

He sought to thwart the endeavors of Valdemarus Despectus Lathimon for what he did. Jux was going to pick up where his former captain left of, and claim his freedom, and perhaps untold to anyone, avenge his old captain.

Jux the Red

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