Demetrius Morgan

The Navigator on the Manus Caelestae


Demetrius is a sallow looking man. Constantly wearing the garb of a navigator, it is difficult to evaluate his form. He is tall and does not appear to be overweight in any sense of his body.

He wears a traditional protective headband to cover his third eye, but his eyes are dark and knowing. He wears his dark hair short and cropped.

He feels the warp using him as a conduit and he seems distracted while he is working.


Demetrius was half brother of Adruesus’s previous Navigator. When Adruesus was recruiting for a second ship, his current Navigator recommended Demetrius.

Demetrius has little history to note. He is new to the Koronus Expanse and sought to finally make a name for himself. He has only been the Navigator on a ship a handful of times, but his abilities are sound.

Having seen the ship that housed his brother torn apart by an unknown agent, his feels lost. He does his best to maintain his composure, but he will follow his late captains wishes to follow this new crew.

Demetrius Morgan

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