Ashraqat Raheem

A lord merchant making his fortune in the Expanse


Ashraqat is a dark skinned man with silver hair and goatee befitting his age. While he is roughly 50 earth years old (off set by warp travel) his features do not reflect his age. His expression is typically one of amusement but the wrinkles in his face express many years of hard work and tragedy.

He is consistently wearing slim robes of rich colors to alert others to his status. He wants other people to know of his personal success so they are typically blue, red, and burnt oranges.


Little is known about Ashraqat but he left for the Koronus Expanse after many years of hard labor under another Noble House.

Learning about the Koronus Expanse, Ashraqat used his skills working on salvaged ships to build a merchant house. After many failures he finally built a reputation with several prominent Rogue Traders and his work was able to flourish.

Ashraqat Raheem

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