Artüras Rift

First Mate of the Manus Caelestae


As a void-born, Art is unnaturally tall and pale. His physical build is that of a laborer. He is not the best combatant, but as a voidsman aboard his ship, he is a very skilled. His face is angular and mottled with minor scars and burns. His appearance is unkempt; his hair is buzzed short in a military style and he is often in need of a shave.

He has suffered a tremendous wound to his leg after a Gellar Field failure. He has a significant limp.


Artüras (or Art, for short) was raised in an Imperial Battlefleet in the Calixis Sector. His family had little prestige to note, but Art has only ever known a world covered in plasteel and warp drives.

During a mission to liberate a world being attacked by Xenos, Art’s ship was destroyed. He survived only because he was on a bomber escort mission and watched as his only home exploded in a green and orange vortex; its warp drives exploding and sucking everything nearby into a tear to the Warp.

Ship-lorn and seeking work, he decided that perhaps a life in the Expanse would suit him better. He had much to learn and there was much he wanted to do.

Not long after arriving at Port Wander, he found his calling when a Rogue Trader named Adruesus Kalmor was seeking a crew for the Manus Caelestae.

Artüras Rift

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