Adruesus Kahlmor

A mysterious Rogue Trader


Adruesus is the scion of the Rogue Trader house Kahlmor and Lord-Captain of the Exarch Infinitum. Having inherited his Warrant of Trade at the passing of his father in a violent battle with orks, he has assembled a small retinue of experts in their fields. So prepared, he is ready to enter the Koronus expanse and find fortune vast and thrills many.

Left by his father to be raised on a fleet of battleships, the senior Kahlmor’s ranking put Adruesus on the fast-track to a command position, and he spent only half as many years in scrub work as his contemporaries; earning him the wrath of those more jealous in nature. Not blessed by the God Emperor with an especially startling physique, Adruesus learned early on to enlist the more burly of his peers as bodyguards using petty bribes or the promise of future rewards and promotion when he had attained his forthcoming rank, rather then engage directly in fisticuffs against a hulking foe.

As he grew to his full measure, Adruesus quickly climbed the ranks of command, becoming first officer of on of the fleet’s light cruisers at a relatively young age. On this vessel he first met the machine cult explorator who would answer only to ‘Notch’, and had his closest encounter with death.

Adruesus Kahlmor

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