Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report - 6

Battle and the death of Killian Rage

Arriving in space near Killian Rage‘s hunting grounds, our fleet of ships and three transports harboring explosives engaged the pirates own fleet. The battle was intense, as mines littered the region, and our own ships failed to reliably damage our enemies. Eventually our trap was sprung and one of the rigged transports careened into Killian Rage’s own ship, and with several torpedoes the explosions gutted the massive ship leaving it defunct in space. Much of the pirate fleet was damaged or destroyed and a few survivors escaped us as our ships fired into Rage’s derelict. After the battle we found Killian Rage dead in his seat on his bridge. We placed him in a med-tube and with the remnents of our fleet we returned to Port Wander, and had our ship serviced by Ashraqat Raheem. We also checked in to see how our planetary cattle trade was faring. We then left for Port Footfall, and left Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus at our base once we arrived. Afterwards we headed towardsthe Egarian Dominion and spoke with Calligo Winterscale, whohaving been impresed with our takedown of Killian Rage and officially recognized us as ROGUE TRADERS. With our relationship with Calligo Winterscale intact, we left again for Port Footfall to take a mission from Draco Saltdune. We met with Draco and agreed to slay a monster he’s been unable to kill on an unmarked planet.



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