Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report - 5

Taking down Killian Rage

Having finished our business with Ashraqat Raheem in setting up a stable operation, we were contacted by Calligo Winterscale. Upon meeting with him, he declared our claim to be rogue traders to be illegitamate and threatened to turn us over to the Imperium. However, he offered to broker a deal with us instead, as it turned out that an enemy we had made some months ago, Killian Rage, had been causing Winterscale problems on Solace Encarmine for some time. Winterscale agreed to recognize us as traders if we erradicated Rage’s operation and took Rage himself down. Our band agreed, and we set out for Solace Encarmine. Upon our arrival, we dug for leads as to where the pirate was operating, and once we found his base (a large storage facility), we stormed it with the help of one hundred soldiers ‘donated’ by Winterscale. The fighting was brutal and both Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus as well as Testarosa 5143931 were incapacittated during combat. Our seige was successful but Killian Rage was not in the facility. We interrogated several captured enemy soldiers, and discovered that Rage was out near a re-supply station, likely looking to raid some ship caravans that pass through that area. While Stubbs and Testarossa were recovering from their wounds Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar and I directed our crew to clear out thje storage kept in the facility, claiming it as ours. In the armory I found a new rifle of excellent make, which I shall name later. Finally after several weeks, we returned to Egarian Dominion to acquire some ships to pose as a caravan with the goal of luring Rgae into attacking us and left for the re-supply station. Perhaps this time the pirate will not be so lucky as to escape.



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