Meeting with Notch

After successfully salvaging the Teleportarium, the Explorers ventured to Opus Macharius.

After passing off the battered relic into the Explorator hands, they were escorted to Lysander “Notch” Maculloch.

Notch has never liked new people, and wasn’t keen to see new people. But they mentioned Valdemarus and Adruesus which piqued the interest of the Explorator.

They told him what happened during Encounter at Mining Facility 14718329

Notch was quiet and distracted. Emotions are hard to read on a obscured face, but Notch informed him that Jux the Red was most likely impersonating Adruesus Kahlmor to finally gain freedom from being a simple voids master.

Unsure of Notch’s motives, it appears that the Explorator hopes to chase after his fallen and lost comrades. Suddenly he approaches his fellow explorator Testarosa 5143931 and offers to trade ships. Notch was still in possession of his Lord-Captain’s light cruiser, the Throes of Luxury.

The explorers and Notch trade ships. Notch seeks to have a smaller ship to do more clandestine searches. And now the explorers have a ship that might best their dangerous opponents in combat.

Meeting with Notch

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