Egarian Dominion


The central hub of all of Winterscale’s industrious planets. While his planets and his colonies are difficult to catalog, it is no surprise that the Winterscale Dynasty possesses planets and stations all throughout the Koronus Expanse.

The Egarian Dominion is a strange planet. It might have been a terrain world once, but strange powers ravaged the planet and leave it bereft of natural life. It is a dead, grey world, and it is said to the be the planet that once held the Egarian civilization.

The planet was ravaged by a strange power, all those who have investigated can only assume it was tampering with the Warp. The planet is sparsely populated by demons who haven’t destabilized and the hardiest of predators.

The planet is surrounded by six deep void stations that Calligo repurposed to serve as his hub. All of his endeavors, his fleet, and his fortune are cataloged within. He allows various Imperial organization to make their headquarters in the Koronus Expanse at this hub. There are always ships coming and going.

Calligo set up around Egarian Dominion in the hopes of exploring the planet deeper and perhaps terraforming it. The hunt for Standard Template Constructs is a large one, and Calligo is betting big on this dead world.

Somewhere within the incredible, stone, labyrinthine cities Calligo searches for new fortunes.

Egarian Dominion

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