Valdemarus Despectus Lathimon

A cunning, dangerous, and ambition Rogue Trader.


Valdemarus is a fledgling Rogue Trader in the Koronus Expanse. While his presence in the Koronus Expanse is small, he already possesses the respect of many men.

His fortune was actually made in the past. His ancestor, Purity Lathimon, was the first Rogue Trader to traverse the Maw. After making her way through, she returned and started selling passage through the Maw. Shortly after making her fortune, she gave it all to her three sons and disappeared never to be seen again.

Valdemarus is after a hidden treasure and perhaps answers to his ancestors mysterious disappearance. He is ruthless in his search and is not afraid to crush those in his path.

Valdemarus Despectus Lathimon

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