Dujek "Mustafa" Chord

A soldier whose resolve started his career.


A young man of perhaps his mid twenties, he tends to his appearance mostly out of habits sake. His hair has grown long and disheveled, and his features are bereft of the burns and scars of most void crewmen.

He takes better care of his appearance after being promoted to master of commerce by his resident officers.


Dujek was a fairly young man when he was press ganged into the crew of a powerful Rogue Trader. He never liked his crew, but learned enough trades to make money to get by. He has no idea where his parents or family are, so he drifts in the hope that he’ll find them.

After changing ships several times, he found a home on the crew of a transport named the Manus Caelestae (II). During a raid upon a ship lost in the warp, daemons had attacked and wiped his party out. After having his arm severed, all sense of fight or flight was gone and he resolved to die the way he was born: screaming and covered in blood.

He survived because of the efforts of Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar.

Dujek "Mustafa" Chord

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