Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report - 4

Business with Winterscale

After I pulled Demetrius Morgan free from his trance, our ship careened out of the warp, leaving us stranded in real space. Artüras Rift was severlyinjured, and Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar unconsciuos with a gash across his chest. I attempted to patch them up, and all were taken to the med-bay, me carrying Zarko. We spent two and a half months stranded, and Demetrius Morgan fell into a deep coma. During this time several strange Xenos ships emerged from the warp and engaged us in combat. We successfully destroyed one of them before several more ships, this time belonging to the Adeptus Arbites which scared off the Xenos raiders. The Arbites searched our ship, but left shortly after boarding, and one of them brought Demetrius Morgan out of his coma. After the Arbites left, we returned to Port Footfall to rendezvous with Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus. Finally, once fully assembled and repairs made to our ship, we left for Winterscale’s realm. We arrived at Egarian Dominion and were quickly called into a meeting with Calligo Winterscale, who knew we were looking for information in shady places. Our group explained why we were looking for information on Valdemarus Despectus Lathimon, Adruesus Kahlmor, and Jux the Red. Winterscale then informed us that our resources were not yet vast enough to confront Valdemarus, and gave us a chance to do some work for him. We were given fifty mutant bird creatures we were tasked with taking to BLANK agriculture planet. On the way all of the creatures died and we jettisoned the corpses into the warp. Upon arriving planet-side,we informed the local representative of the deaths of the cargo, which he told us was a test given to us by Winterscale. Instead our real job was to go and set up a transportation system on a planet in order to transport a new kind of livestock. [I will finish the rest later]



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