Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report - 3

Search for Valdemeris and Jux the Red

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

Our group finalized our deal with Lysander “Notch” Maculloch, outfitting the Manus Caelestae II with everything required to make the ship space worthy. I personally spoke with Lysander “Notch” Maculloch about any further information he had about the mysterious map pieces and the cipher he gave us. He gave no more specific intell, save the legend of Lord Captain Purity Lathimon. Using this, we went to Port Footfall and looked for information on either Adruesus Kahlmor, Jux the Red who we believe hired us originally, and Valdemeris Lathimon. I followed an employee under Valdemeris and overheard several locations where he operates. While searching for leads on Jux the Red we encountered a group of mercenaries belonging to the Blue Bolts company. They assaulted us and we fought back. Testarosa 5143931 nearly died, and we put down three of theirs before the militia arrived at our battleground. We successfully shifted much of the blame onto the Blue Bolts, but we were still jailed. After we regained our freedom, we travelled to Damaris near the God Emperor’s Scourge. We found little useful information on a station colony belonging to Sebastian Winterscale. We then returned to Solace Encarmine, and learned that neither Adruesus Kahlmor nor Jux the Red had been seen for several years. We also determined that the best place to meet Winterscale was to go to Egarian Dominion. On our way our ship was suddenly infested with warpspawn.



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