Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report - 2

Battle at Mining Facility 14718329

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

Our ship engaged Killian Rage and his subordinate ships in combat around the asteroid field. The subordinate ships were ‘hulked’ and our engagement with Killian Rage was short lived before his ship entered the warp. It appeared that the ship was not fully under the pirate’s control. During the fight we lost a large portion of our crew, but the ship emerged victorious. We then approached the wreck of the Exarch Infinitum, and retrieved its Teleportarium, as well as the Writ of Trade that was left on it. Afterwards we returned to Port Wander where we checked in with Ashraqat Raheem for parts we had previously asked for him to look out for. We acquired some munitions, and looked for crew replacements, but to no avail. When business on port was finished, the ship again arrived at the forgeworld where ‘Notch’ was stationed. Our ship was fully repaired after we gave the forgeworlders the Teleportarium, and we went planetside to speak with this ‘Notch’. After being informed that Khalmor and the Exarch Infinitum were destroyed, the techpriest informed us that Khalmor had been slain nearly two years ago. Instead, he suggested that the person who claimed to be Khalmor was a different person, Jux the Red, masquerading as his own captain. ‘Notch’ then gave us information about the ‘map’ peices we obtained on the mining facility, and a full starmap. Finally, we traded our ship for his, renaming it “Manus Caelestae II”, may it bring glory for our names and death to our foes.



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