Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report

Search for Captain "Notch" Lysander

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

The Navigator, Demetrius Morgan, brought us into the hellish warp, guiding us to Solace Encarmine. The ship was boarded by several demons, which we dispatched but not without some casualties. While there, our group parted and I found some basic luxury amenities. Afterwards we chose to travel to Kinog, Along the way we encountered a dead hulk, infested with demons. We decided to board the craft and pull it from the warp. We succeeded in slaying demons along our path and after salvage we acquired a lance weapon that was potentially useful for our own ship. We then arrived at Kinog and while there I found a Bolt Pistol of legendary beauty. I have named it Eagespring. Now I must search for its sister, and my arm shall be complete. After our visit to the planet, we again passed through the hell warp, though with little complication. Upon arriving at the Forgeworld were “Notch” was staying, we were refused entry as we did not possess a Writ of Trade, and the ship that our former and deceased employer owned had a artifact of deep religious significance. Either they are heretics or cowards, either way, I make particular note of these Forgeworlders. Having been turned away, we decided to go back to Mining Facility 14718329 stopping at Port Wander. At port, we found a weapons supplier who could exchange the weapons on our ship, for the price of several ships worth of salvage, the old Macrobattery, and the guarantee that we would only work with him in the future. In truth, I believe we have been short shifted, but nonetheless we now have a contact on the port and a new weapon. Finally, we arrived back at Mining Facility 14718329, were we encountered a group of Pirates, and It appeared there leader knows us, though I cannot fathom how.



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