Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Encounter at Mining Facility 14718329

Failed Mission for Adruesus Kalmor

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

I and three others visited Mining Facility 14718329 built into an asteroid on a mission from Adruesus Kalmor. The target of the mission was small black case kept in high security vault in an unknown location. The facility was in between a crew shift and supposedly vacant. After some minor searching, including a visit to Administratum, the vault was uncovered in the storage deck behind some hastily constructed paneling. One of the other hires, Testarosa-5143931, spoke to the machine that controlled the vault door and the vault opened as the storage bay was invaded by three officer level soldiers from an unknown organization. I and Zarko ‘The Neck’ Ilmattar disposed of the intruders. As a group we left storage up the loading elevator to the smelting deck. We encountered several mercenary soldiers which we quickly disposed of. The group returned to the flight deck and encountered additional soldiers, several of whom managed to escape from the asteroid. We were picked up by Arturas and ferried to a ship in silent running called the “Manus Caelestae”. En route, Adruesus Kalmor was destroyed along with his ship by an unknown agent in a Grand Cruiser size starship. Before his death Adruesus Kalmor told us to seek a contact named Notch. Our newly commandeered ship managed to escape the Grand Cruiser but not two raider class ships that were with it which we engaged in combat in an unknown location. Our ship emerged from the fighting unscathed and we salvaged the remains of our enemies. Afterwards we investigated the contents of the black case that Adruesus Kalmor had initially hired us to retrieve, which appeared to contain two peices of a star map which we could not decipher. We asked our navigator to translate the runes but he was unable. Instead we agreed to find the contact, Notch, that Adruesus Kalmor bid us to find if for no other reason than to carry out a man’s dying wish.

Personal Note: It appears that we will no longer find payment for the mission as hired, however, it seems that fortune has smiled on us as we have fallen into both a starship as well as what appears to be a valuable map. It is uncommon to find fellowship among mercenaries, but our band has if nothing else acquired the freedom to travel the stars unfettered by anyone’s control, be it the Imperium or otherwise.



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