Imperatoris Sicarius

816.M41 Report - 8

Our group met with the Ordo Xenos stationed at the Egarian Dominion, where we accepted a mission to seek out and captured a Rak’gol ship supposedly heavily damaged and adrift in the Accursed Demesne. While in station we looked for mercenaries to hire for the job but instead I was ambushed by five soldiers and gregariously and permanently wounded. After the battle we left for a forge world, but encountered daemons along the way, which we dispatched quickly, and Samari brought us out of the Warp. We resumed our journey and arriving at port, Samari the Navigator was taken by Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus and we instead took Demetrius Morgan. Finally, arrived at the forge world where Dujek “Mustafa” Chord and I received replacements to our previously lost body parts. After two weeks Mustafa and I regrouped with the ship and we left for the last known location of the Rakgoul ship, were we engaged and hulked a different Rak’gol ship. Now we have put ourselves under silent running, and we will decide what step to take to lure the target to us.

816.M41 Report - 7
Hunting Grounds

After our meeting with Draco Saltdune, our navigator Demetrius Morgan was tasked with helping Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus for some unknown purpose. This left us with no choice but to find a new navigator, and fortunately we found one passed out in [INSERT BAR NAME HERE]. As he was unconcious, I carried him with Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar back to the ship, leaving him in his new quarters. After the navigator came to, we discovered his name was Samari the Navigator, and managed to convince him to join us. With a new navigator we left for the nameless world Draco told us to go to, in search of his elusive prey. Our journey was quick and uneventful, and we arrived at a planet alien to all my senses. We scanned the world, and decided to touch ground. We were left atop a canopy of bizarre trees, dense enough to walk upon and completely covering the surface from the star above. Taking some time to get our bearings, we went below the canopy and set out on the planet’s surface. The darkness below the trees was lightly illuminated by bio luminescent life, but utterly confusing in it vastness. Eventually, we found a small creature matching the description that Draco had given us, and slayed what appeared to be a juvenile of the species. This attracted many more of the creature, which we skirmished until, finally, the bellow of a massive beast echoed through the dark. We encountered the monster, massive in size, and began firing. After a brief combat, the creature relented and, in some way, appeared to give up. We worked quickly and captured the creature, taking it back aboard our ship. We then returned to Port Footfall and handed the beast over to Draco. He was impressed that we found and bested the monster, and overcome when he discovered it was still alive. With a job well done we acquired our payment, and decided to find another job.

816.M41 Report - 6
Battle and the death of Killian Rage

Arriving in space near Killian Rage‘s hunting grounds, our fleet of ships and three transports harboring explosives engaged the pirates own fleet. The battle was intense, as mines littered the region, and our own ships failed to reliably damage our enemies. Eventually our trap was sprung and one of the rigged transports careened into Killian Rage’s own ship, and with several torpedoes the explosions gutted the massive ship leaving it defunct in space. Much of the pirate fleet was damaged or destroyed and a few survivors escaped us as our ships fired into Rage’s derelict. After the battle we found Killian Rage dead in his seat on his bridge. We placed him in a med-tube and with the remnents of our fleet we returned to Port Wander, and had our ship serviced by Ashraqat Raheem. We also checked in to see how our planetary cattle trade was faring. We then left for Port Footfall, and left Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus at our base once we arrived. Afterwards we headed towardsthe Egarian Dominion and spoke with Calligo Winterscale, whohaving been impresed with our takedown of Killian Rage and officially recognized us as ROGUE TRADERS. With our relationship with Calligo Winterscale intact, we left again for Port Footfall to take a mission from Draco Saltdune. We met with Draco and agreed to slay a monster he’s been unable to kill on an unmarked planet.

816.M41 Report - 5
Taking down Killian Rage

Having finished our business with Ashraqat Raheem in setting up a stable operation, we were contacted by Calligo Winterscale. Upon meeting with him, he declared our claim to be rogue traders to be illegitamate and threatened to turn us over to the Imperium. However, he offered to broker a deal with us instead, as it turned out that an enemy we had made some months ago, Killian Rage, had been causing Winterscale problems on Solace Encarmine for some time. Winterscale agreed to recognize us as traders if we erradicated Rage’s operation and took Rage himself down. Our band agreed, and we set out for Solace Encarmine. Upon our arrival, we dug for leads as to where the pirate was operating, and once we found his base (a large storage facility), we stormed it with the help of one hundred soldiers ‘donated’ by Winterscale. The fighting was brutal and both Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus as well as Testarosa 5143931 were incapacittated during combat. Our seige was successful but Killian Rage was not in the facility. We interrogated several captured enemy soldiers, and discovered that Rage was out near a re-supply station, likely looking to raid some ship caravans that pass through that area. While Stubbs and Testarossa were recovering from their wounds Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar and I directed our crew to clear out thje storage kept in the facility, claiming it as ours. In the armory I found a new rifle of excellent make, which I shall name later. Finally after several weeks, we returned to Egarian Dominion to acquire some ships to pose as a caravan with the goal of luring Rgae into attacking us and left for the re-supply station. Perhaps this time the pirate will not be so lucky as to escape.

816.M41 Report - 4
Business with Winterscale

After I pulled Demetrius Morgan free from his trance, our ship careened out of the warp, leaving us stranded in real space. Artüras Rift was severlyinjured, and Zarko “The Neck” Ilmattar unconsciuos with a gash across his chest. I attempted to patch them up, and all were taken to the med-bay, me carrying Zarko. We spent two and a half months stranded, and Demetrius Morgan fell into a deep coma. During this time several strange Xenos ships emerged from the warp and engaged us in combat. We successfully destroyed one of them before several more ships, this time belonging to the Adeptus Arbites which scared off the Xenos raiders. The Arbites searched our ship, but left shortly after boarding, and one of them brought Demetrius Morgan out of his coma. After the Arbites left, we returned to Port Footfall to rendezvous with Holt “Stubbs” Lantararus. Finally, once fully assembled and repairs made to our ship, we left for Winterscale’s realm. We arrived at Egarian Dominion and were quickly called into a meeting with Calligo Winterscale, who knew we were looking for information in shady places. Our group explained why we were looking for information on Valdemarus Despectus Lathimon, Adruesus Kahlmor, and Jux the Red. Winterscale then informed us that our resources were not yet vast enough to confront Valdemarus, and gave us a chance to do some work for him. We were given fifty mutant bird creatures we were tasked with taking to BLANK agriculture planet. On the way all of the creatures died and we jettisoned the corpses into the warp. Upon arriving planet-side,we informed the local representative of the deaths of the cargo, which he told us was a test given to us by Winterscale. Instead our real job was to go and set up a transportation system on a planet in order to transport a new kind of livestock. [I will finish the rest later]

816.M41 Report - 3
Search for Valdemeris and Jux the Red

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

Our group finalized our deal with Lysander “Notch” Maculloch, outfitting the Manus Caelestae II with everything required to make the ship space worthy. I personally spoke with Lysander “Notch” Maculloch about any further information he had about the mysterious map pieces and the cipher he gave us. He gave no more specific intell, save the legend of Lord Captain Purity Lathimon. Using this, we went to Port Footfall and looked for information on either Adruesus Kahlmor, Jux the Red who we believe hired us originally, and Valdemeris Lathimon. I followed an employee under Valdemeris and overheard several locations where he operates. While searching for leads on Jux the Red we encountered a group of mercenaries belonging to the Blue Bolts company. They assaulted us and we fought back. Testarosa 5143931 nearly died, and we put down three of theirs before the militia arrived at our battleground. We successfully shifted much of the blame onto the Blue Bolts, but we were still jailed. After we regained our freedom, we travelled to Damaris near the God Emperor’s Scourge. We found little useful information on a station colony belonging to Sebastian Winterscale. We then returned to Solace Encarmine, and learned that neither Adruesus Kahlmor nor Jux the Red had been seen for several years. We also determined that the best place to meet Winterscale was to go to Egarian Dominion. On our way our ship was suddenly infested with warpspawn.

816.M41 Report - 2
Battle at Mining Facility 14718329

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

Our ship engaged Killian Rage and his subordinate ships in combat around the asteroid field. The subordinate ships were ‘hulked’ and our engagement with Killian Rage was short lived before his ship entered the warp. It appeared that the ship was not fully under the pirate’s control. During the fight we lost a large portion of our crew, but the ship emerged victorious. We then approached the wreck of the Exarch Infinitum, and retrieved its Teleportarium, as well as the Writ of Trade that was left on it. Afterwards we returned to Port Wander where we checked in with Ashraqat Raheem for parts we had previously asked for him to look out for. We acquired some munitions, and looked for crew replacements, but to no avail. When business on port was finished, the ship again arrived at the forgeworld where ‘Notch’ was stationed. Our ship was fully repaired after we gave the forgeworlders the Teleportarium, and we went planetside to speak with this ‘Notch’. After being informed that Khalmor and the Exarch Infinitum were destroyed, the techpriest informed us that Khalmor had been slain nearly two years ago. Instead, he suggested that the person who claimed to be Khalmor was a different person, Jux the Red, masquerading as his own captain. ‘Notch’ then gave us information about the ‘map’ peices we obtained on the mining facility, and a full starmap. Finally, we traded our ship for his, renaming it “Manus Caelestae II”, may it bring glory for our names and death to our foes.

816.M41 Report
Search for Captain "Notch" Lysander

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

The Navigator, Demetrius Morgan, brought us into the hellish warp, guiding us to Solace Encarmine. The ship was boarded by several demons, which we dispatched but not without some casualties. While there, our group parted and I found some basic luxury amenities. Afterwards we chose to travel to Kinog, Along the way we encountered a dead hulk, infested with demons. We decided to board the craft and pull it from the warp. We succeeded in slaying demons along our path and after salvage we acquired a lance weapon that was potentially useful for our own ship. We then arrived at Kinog and while there I found a Bolt Pistol of legendary beauty. I have named it Eagespring. Now I must search for its sister, and my arm shall be complete. After our visit to the planet, we again passed through the hell warp, though with little complication. Upon arriving at the Forgeworld were “Notch” was staying, we were refused entry as we did not possess a Writ of Trade, and the ship that our former and deceased employer owned had a artifact of deep religious significance. Either they are heretics or cowards, either way, I make particular note of these Forgeworlders. Having been turned away, we decided to go back to Mining Facility 14718329 stopping at Port Wander. At port, we found a weapons supplier who could exchange the weapons on our ship, for the price of several ships worth of salvage, the old Macrobattery, and the guarantee that we would only work with him in the future. In truth, I believe we have been short shifted, but nonetheless we now have a contact on the port and a new weapon. Finally, we arrived back at Mining Facility 14718329, were we encountered a group of Pirates, and It appeared there leader knows us, though I cannot fathom how.

816.M41 Encounter at Mining Facility 14718329
Failed Mission for Adruesus Kalmor

Mission debrief filed by Zephyr Accipitorvus

I and three others visited Mining Facility 14718329 built into an asteroid on a mission from Adruesus Kalmor. The target of the mission was small black case kept in high security vault in an unknown location. The facility was in between a crew shift and supposedly vacant. After some minor searching, including a visit to Administratum, the vault was uncovered in the storage deck behind some hastily constructed paneling. One of the other hires, Testarosa-5143931, spoke to the machine that controlled the vault door and the vault opened as the storage bay was invaded by three officer level soldiers from an unknown organization. I and Zarko ‘The Neck’ Ilmattar disposed of the intruders. As a group we left storage up the loading elevator to the smelting deck. We encountered several mercenary soldiers which we quickly disposed of. The group returned to the flight deck and encountered additional soldiers, several of whom managed to escape from the asteroid. We were picked up by Arturas and ferried to a ship in silent running called the “Manus Caelestae”. En route, Adruesus Kalmor was destroyed along with his ship by an unknown agent in a Grand Cruiser size starship. Before his death Adruesus Kalmor told us to seek a contact named Notch. Our newly commandeered ship managed to escape the Grand Cruiser but not two raider class ships that were with it which we engaged in combat in an unknown location. Our ship emerged from the fighting unscathed and we salvaged the remains of our enemies. Afterwards we investigated the contents of the black case that Adruesus Kalmor had initially hired us to retrieve, which appeared to contain two peices of a star map which we could not decipher. We asked our navigator to translate the runes but he was unable. Instead we agreed to find the contact, Notch, that Adruesus Kalmor bid us to find if for no other reason than to carry out a man’s dying wish.

Personal Note: It appears that we will no longer find payment for the mission as hired, however, it seems that fortune has smiled on us as we have fallen into both a starship as well as what appears to be a valuable map. It is uncommon to find fellowship among mercenaries, but our band has if nothing else acquired the freedom to travel the stars unfettered by anyone’s control, be it the Imperium or otherwise.

Lord Captain Purity Lathimon
997.M40: Return to the Imperium

We have returned triumphant to the Imperium of Man. News of our return has spread quickly, and people are already poised to chase us back through the Maw.

What we found beyond was more trying than anything we had ever thought we would find. Lost for what felt an eternity. The warp is a fickle beast.

What I had found I thought would bring me eternal glory. But only after using it I find myself doubting. This discovery could lead man to wage a war that would consume it from within.

I realize my trials are not over. I realize I must return to it. And I realize that I shall not be returning home.


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